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Published on:Apr 02, 2020

The widespread of COVID-19 has led people to stay away from each other. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has requested people to maintain at least a distance of 1metre. However, the correct term in this respect would be physical distancing instead of social distancing. As it was famously quoted by Aristotle “Man is a Social Animal”. The present era has a number of options to maintain social ties while maintaining physical distances.

However, in this need of physical distancing, it is not only the natural person but also the artificial person which is trying to transmit the message. Yes, the companies, the companies in order to raise awareness regarding the much-discussed pandemic.

It is quite interesting to see and learn how these famous brands are making changes in their logos in order to make people aware and remembering the need for the present hour i.e. “Physical Distancing”.

Conglomerates like McDonald’s, Audi, Volkswagen, and Coca Cola are reinterpreting “physical distancing” with the redesigning of their logos.

We also need to understand that what impact will these messages and logos create to promote physical distancing.

As per Douglas Sellers, executive creative director for firm Siegel+Gale stated that “Our current global situation is no joke. It’s a serious matter”. He further added that “and brands designing social distancing logos have the potential to diminish the severity of what we are going through. The creativity, passion and thought that goes into wanting to help, educate and be part of the physical distancing movement is a worthy note”.

Before we enter into the changes which these logos have made, we need to understand what is the importance of these logos to these conglomerates?

Symbols or the Trademarks are a succinct and efficient way of communicating information about the business. To be clear it is the first thing which grabs the attention of the person to the goods for which the value is estimated. A logo/brand/trademark/symbol is its first introduction to the consumers. It is the foundation of the identity of any business. One of the most important purposes which it serves is it separates one’s identity from the competition. It fosters Brand Loyalty. Companies spend millions on brand advertisements to promote it and the same if not more to protect it from its infringement.

Today for the larger good and the welfare of the people, these conglomerates in different parts of the world had come ahead taking to promote the concept of physical distancing. Let’s see some of these brands which have made the change to their very own identity to spread awareness towards physical distancing.


Recently one of the biggest restaurant chains in the world has pulled apart its iconic golden arches. It has through its social handles has urged citizens to avoid stepping out of their homes.


The beverages giant has separated its letter and put a message underneath stating “Staying apart is the best way to stay united”.


Renowned car manufacturing companies Mercedes and Volkswagen had also made changes to their logos.


Audi has separated its four rings in a short video telling people to stay at home and keep a distance.


The uncertainty of the COVID 19 had already sent the economic condition to worse than that of the 2009 recession and with no immediate vaccine available, there is no estimation of the extent of threat it is going to hamper with the life and the economy. Let’s presume that this initiative taken by these companies and others will help if not entirely, then the majority will understand the importance of physical distancing. Hopefully, people will understand the importance of physical distancing seeing these logos if not yet.





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